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The Cheese Counter

We stock the following cheeses in our Deli.  We cut the cheese to individual requirements to enable our customers to have the flexibility to purchase as much or as little as they require. We can work in both old weights & new so don't worry if you don't know 'g/kg' we can convert it for you.  If you are unfamiliar with weights just tell us an amount you want to spend & we will match it as best we can, although we do have sometimes have individually wrapped & priced pieces of cheese.

KEY - U = Unpasturised ~ P = Pasterurised ~ L = Low Fat ~ A = Award Winning ~ V = Vegetarian

Plain and Simple Selection

Creamy Lancashire – P, V

Crumbly Lancashire – P, V

Double Gloucester – P, V

Red Leicester – P, V

Wensleydale – P, V

White Stilton – P, V

Mature Selection

Aged Red Leicester – P, V

A Mature Red Leicester, firmer and slightly crumbly

Applebys Coloured Cheshire – U, V

Moist, slightly crumbly and buttery

Goosnargh Gold – P, V

Rich and mature with a buttery, caramel edge and a mellow nutty bite

Keens Cheddar – U, A

A firm tasty cheddar, matured for up to 12 months

Special Reserve Wensleydale – P, V

A crumbly cheese matured for 9 months

Blue Selection

Blackstix Blue – P, V

Unique soft blue veined cheese, creamy and tangy

Dorset Blue Vinny – U, L, V

A low fat tasty blue, matured for 3-5m, a Rick Stein superfood

Colsten Bassett Blue Stilton – P, V

Wensleydale Blue (aka Jervaulx) – P, V

Yorkshire Blue – P, V

100% Yorkshire cow’s milk, soft creamy an a unique buttery/sweet flavour

Harrogate Blue – P, V

Soft, luxuriously creamy blue cheese with a hint of pepper to finish

Sheep and Goat’s Selection

All Pasteurised and Vegetarian

Inglewhite – Sheep and Goat

Ribblesdale – Sheep and Goat

Olde York – Sheep

Capricorn - Goat

Something Different Selection

Cotherstone – P, V

Semi – hard, creamy cheese

Coverdale – P, V

Similar to Wensleydale but creamier and a bit more bite

Drumloch – P, V

A Scottish Cheddar made with a creamy Guernsel milk

Mrs Kirkhams Tasty Lancashire – U

A rich, tangy, creamy, crumbly Lancashire cheese

Smoked Cheddar – P, V

Smoked Wensleydale – P, V

Somerset Brie – P, V

Soft white British Brie made with cows milk

Cornish Yarg – P, V, A

A creamy and crumbly Cheese wrapped in wild nettle leaves

Wensleydale with Cranberry – P, V

Wensleydale with Ginger – P, V

Wensleydale Lemon Crumble – P, V

Abbots Gold – P, V

Smooth creamy Cheddar with a sweet caramelised onions

Garlic Lancashire – P, V

Inkeepers Choice – P, V

Mature Cheddar complimented with pickled onions and chives

Non British Selection

French Brie – P, V

Parmesan Reggiano – U


Real Farmhouse Butter (Salted) 250g

Lemon Cheese

Cheese Boards Available

These also make a perfect gift, wrapped by us and finished with a personalised gift tag

We can source many other Cheeses if you are looking for something in particular.

Cheese of the Week Cheeses